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Adult chicken transport cage

Date:2021-01-23  Visit:592次   Author:Weifang Tianshili Plastics Co., Ltd

Adult poultry turnover cage

1. Overall dimension: 750 * 550 * 230mm

2. Weight: 4800G

3. Material: Polypropylene

4. Applicable objects: young chicken, young duck, Gosling, pigeon and rabbit

5. Purpose: cage, transportation, turnover

6. Features:

It is suitable for the transportation and turnover of young chickens, young ducks, pigeons, rabbits and other poultry animals.

Screw free assembly is more convenient and fast, saving space in the process of transportation and easy to carry. It has a grid like cuboid structure with 5-6 layers without deformation

The ribs of the cage are thick and wide, and full of materials. The ribs at the bottom of the cage are thick and dense, and the probability of wear is small. The design of anti sliding edge can prevent the sliding of the stack and make the transportation safer. The two sides of the cage are designed with buttonholes, which is more labor-saving and convenient for loading and unloading.

It is light in weight, beautiful in appearance, easy to clean and disinfect, good in ventilation and air permeability. Because it is made of new raw materials, it is more wear-resistant and durable than similar products. The thickened bottom and surface design is strengthened, and the anti falling and compression performance is stronger. It can meet the high-strength frequent turnover use. The chicken cage door is easy to open and close, and it is easy to replace. The small mesh structure at the bottom of the cage can effectively avoid the scratch of live chickens and the skin silting Blood. The rectangular structure is conducive to loading and unloading, and improves work efficiency.

7. Instructions: a single case with a load of more than 80kg can hold about 13 young chickens and ducks; 5-6 layers can be stacked during transportation without deformation.

Structure: grid cuboid structure, the bottom of the box is meter shaped pores, good bearing capacity, can effectively avoid live chicken, rabbit scratch, blood stasis, rectangular structure is conducive to loading, unloading, improve work efficiency

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