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1m fecal leakage board for breeder

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Advantages of tisly poultry plastic floor

High rate of feces leakage to ensure clean and dry floor surface

Provide comfortable and clean activity space for poultry, reduce the friction between chicken feet, duck feet and the ground, and reduce the injury of poultry feet.

Open structure, easy to install and disassemble

It's made of plastic, no rust and rot, and has a long service life.

Better than other bamboo and soft net culture. First of all, flat feeding with fecal leakage board can make the chickens off the ground, achieve the separation of live poultry and feces, avoid the contact with the ground feces, clean and sanitary. Secondly, it is convenient to clean the manure of chicken house, which can effectively reduce the labor intensity and labor time. Compared with bamboo chops, which are easy to absorb water and rot, and soft net is not stable enough, plastic fecal floor is a necessary good product for modern chicken raising.

Product parameters:

Name: fecal leakage board

Weight: 2000g-2300g

Material: Sinopec PP raw material

Overall dimension: 1200mm * 500mm * 40MM

A: Plate weight 2000g: grid size: 20 × 26mm (common for breeders, ducks, chickens and ducklings)

B: Plate weight 2000g: grid size: 16 × 16mm (for chickens and ducklings)

C: Plate weight 2300G: grid size: 20 × 24mm (common for breeders, ducks, chickens and ducklings)

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